Automatic air freshener Air Wick FreshMatic: reviews

Today we bought an automatic Air wick air freshener for our apartment for the first time and tested it. We didn’t have time to really figure out what the 1, 2, 3 dots under the flavor cap mean. I understand that this is the number of “injections”, but over what period of time: 30 minutes, an hour or more?

And how long does one can last if you choose the most “economical” mode?

I also have this fragrance in my apartment, 3 dots are sprayed once every 10 minutes, 2 dots - once every 28 minutes, 1 dot - once every 32 minutes.

At one point, the can lasts for about 3-4 weeks.

Well, now I can write an answer-review about this device myself.

We figured out the points (thanks to the author of the previous answer).

Indeed, if you put it at 1 point, then spraying occurs somewhere in 32 minutes. In 2-point mode, it works more often, after about 28 minutes. And with the most intensive mode with 3 points, the interval between sprays is about 10 minutes. The main thing is not to forget that when you turn on the device and select a mode, the first spray will occur automatically after 15 seconds; to do this, you need to move it away from your face! It is important! We didn't take this into account the first time, and as a result, the aroma liquid almost got into our eyes ((

We used mode 1 more often. To be honest, I have never timed the accuracy of spray intervals on a watch. But approximately, about 30 minutes passed between sprays (in mode 1). From my own experience, I can say that for an apartment the most intensive mode (3 points), in principle, is not needed. This is too common! 1 mode is enough to maintain a pleasant aroma in the apartment. I can also recommend turning it off at night and when you leave home. Why spend extra? Then it will last longer, or rather, the contents of the can will last much longer.

Freshness is the norm

Everyone knows that rooms need to be ventilated. However, it is not possible to keep the windows open all the time. Therefore, it is advisable to get an air freshener.

An unpleasant odor can appear in every room. But the places where pets live are most susceptible to it. The specific aroma is especially felt by people who enter the apartment.

To prevent the smells of cats, neighbor's borscht and factory smoke from hitting their guests' noses, many residents of megacities use air fresheners. Store shelves are filled with this product. Most often it is released in aerosol form.

Before and now

Balloons with attachments were very popular ten years ago. They are sprayed manually, which is extremely inconvenient. Very often, when pressed firmly, the substance fills the entire room and does not settle for a long time. It contains chemical compounds that, in large quantities and with prolonged exposure, can be harmful to health.

But science does not stand still. Modern air fresheners have become automatic. Their advantages are obvious.

Spray cans are not the only option for producing these substances. Today, many companies manufacture automatic devices. One of the most sought after and popular is the Air Wick air freshener. What are its advantages?

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantage of the device is, perhaps, the ability to spray the spray without human intervention. This allows you to always be sure that there is a pleasant aroma in the house. In addition, you can adjust the spray intensity by setting the timer in one mode or another. This, by the way, allows you to save money. When leaving, you can set the spray every 12-24 hours, for example. The spray will be used economically, but the house will nevertheless always have a pleasant aroma. It will be possible to avoid the appearance of mustiness and the smell of non-residential premises, which occurs during a long absence.

Cost-effectiveness is also achieved due to the equal volume of sprayed product. In manual mode, this is impossible - often, pressing hard, sprays more product than required. This leads to overspending. On average, one cylinder lasts for 1.5-2 months. Considering the affordability of such sprays, this is practical and convenient. A large selection of scents is another advantage. You can choose them depending on the purpose of the room (for example, for the kitchen - refreshing citrus, for the living room - cozy pine or floral aromas), time of year or mood.

The “disadvantages” of the device are the need to select spray cylinders of the same brand as the body. Otherwise, it will be impossible to use the air freshener. If suddenly you don’t find the one you need in the presented palette of scents and you want to change the brand of spray, you will have to replace the entire structure. Another expense item is the need to purchase batteries. Finally, this type of device is not suitable for those who are allergic to the chemicals contained in the spray. However, this cannot be called a disadvantage of specifically automatic systems - this is a general characteristic of household air fresheners.

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Positive sides

The electronic device can be pre-programmed. You need to set the mode according to your preferences. For example, small rooms should be refreshed much less frequently than large rooms. The automatic mode allows you to regularly spray a minimum dose of the substance. The user sets the time period himself.

The positive side of the device is that there is no need to touch it during hygiene procedures. After programming, the device works on its own for a long time. This is especially important for public toilets, for example, in a large office center. Cleaning these rooms is also much easier.

The Air Wick automatic air freshener is suitable for use in rooms of any size and purpose. It can be hung in the bathroom, kitchen, living room and bedroom. This device is also indispensable for offices. Convenient design allows you to place it in a place where it will be invisible to visitors. Your guests and clients will smell a wonderful aroma, thinking that it smells like some nice lady's perfume.

For a snack

Well, I decided to make two buttons for myself, left and right. Why did he do this? For comfort. You don’t have to think about which hand to take the air freshener with, left or right. This is especially convenient when the automatic air freshener is hanging on the wall, and you can only approach it from one side. However, you will understand this yourself, and if you want, do it as I did :)

You can clearly see the entire above process in the video Tuning the Air Wick Freshmatic air freshener. It will be more informative and much more detailed in all details.

How tired I was at one time, when we were still living in a rented apartment and our toilet was adjacent to the kitchen, constantly inhaling different smells flowing from the toilet. And besides, the hood didn’t work at all, of course, the house is old, and no one was going to repair it, and no one is going to (what are we paying money for?). So I set myself a goal - when we move to a new apartment, I will definitely buy myself an Airwick automatic air freshener. Moreover, all my friends have had this know-how for a long time. So the first thing I did when moving was to buy myself an automatic air freshener. Although in the new apartment the kitchen and toilet are located at different ends, and behind a solid load-bearing wall

But that doesn’t matter, I wanted my new house to smell clean. On top of everything else, in the new apartment we discovered the fact that behind the wall of our toilet in the next apartment there was a kitchen. Miracles, and that’s all! And, again, due to the fault of the builders or architects, our toilet smells of cabbage soup and fried potatoes that our neighbors are cooking

And I love the bathroom to smell of soap and washing powder. So the automatic air freshener came in handy. The Airwick machine has four modes of air freshener spray frequency: 2, 5, 12 and 24 minutes. I figured that too often was too much, so I set it to 24 minutes. This is the most economical mode. Now a replacement cylinder for the device costs around 200 rubles, but during the promotion you can buy two pieces for 350 rubles. I try to buy the economical option. The air freshener runs on two AA batteries. On the front side of the Airwick there is a LED that lights up green when the battery is charged and red when it’s time to change it. The air freshener also has a hole so it can be hung on the wall. The front cover is securely fastened with a locking button on the top of the device. In addition to the original replacement cylinders, there are other manufacturers on sale. I tried two different ones, which fit perfectly and fit into the device. An indispensable odor eliminator!

Miracles, and that’s all! And, again, due to the fault of the builders or architects, our toilets smell of cabbage soup and fried potatoes that our neighbors are cooking. And I love the bathroom to smell of soap and washing powder. So the automatic air freshener came in handy. The Airwick machine has four modes of air freshener spray frequency: 2, 5, 12 and 24 minutes. I figured that too often was too much, so I set it to 24 minutes. This is the most economical mode. Now a replacement cylinder for the device costs around 200 rubles, but during the promotion you can buy two pieces for 350 rubles. I try to buy the economical option. The air freshener runs on two AA batteries. On the front side of the Airwick there is a LED that lights up green when the battery is charged and red when it’s time to change it. The air freshener also has a hole so it can be hung on the wall. The front cover is securely fastened with a locking button on the top of the device. In addition to the original replacement cylinders, there are other manufacturers on sale. I tried two different ones, which fit perfectly and fit into the device. An indispensable odor eliminator!

Automatic air freshener Airwick FreshMatic

Dosing regulator

Hole for wall mounting

The atmosphere of a living space largely depends on its aroma. The feeling of cleanliness and freshness today can be achieved through the use of air fresheners. The most popular among the samples on the market is the automatic air freshener AirWick. What does he mean? What are its features?

What is inside

The kit includes:

• cylinder with active substance,

• plastic box in which it is placed,

The kit can be completed with a bottle of spray. The can resembles a regular hand sprayer, but is much smaller. Of particular note is the design of the box. It is made of white plastic with a minimum of details and decorations. There is a button to turn on and change modes. The minimalistic design makes it easy to hide the device by placing it among furniture or office equipment.

The box with the spray inside can be placed on any hard surface or hung on the wall. For this purpose, it is equipped with a hole on the back wall.

Ah, this fresh air

Air Wick air freshener includes a traditional line of scents. These are fruity, floral and sea scents. Each of them contains unique bouquets created specifically for this device. For example, “Antitobacco”, “Orange” and “Bergamot”.

The first option is well suited for rooms where smoking is allowed. Even the best ventilation cannot cope quickly with large amounts of tobacco smoke. And the spray contains special substances that easily neutralize this unpleasant odor.

A creative idea to combine bouquets of fruits and other plant components is implemented in the “Mandarin and Pine” spray. It leaves a very interesting aroma - light, sweet, fresh and slightly tart.

Tenderness and coolness

Among the “delicious” smells, the aroma of green tea attracts attention. This is the smell from childhood. Delicious pastries in the dining room and grandma’s pies – everything comes to mind almost instantly. This incense is a great way to lift your spirits. “Fig and Blackberry” is another sweet duet that the company offers.

Among the bouquets of plants, the delicate combination of sandalwood and cedar is very intriguing. The coolness of flax and the freshness of lilac, as well as “Flowers of Paradise” are amazing ensembles of coziness and comfort. The tenderness of silk and lily evokes not only olfactory, but also tactile sensations.

The Air Wick automatic air freshener also includes fresh sea scents. The poetic names “After the Rain” and “Freshness of the Waterfall” hide smells reminiscent of a May city awaiting a thunderstorm. “Ocean Freshness” and “Long-lasting Tenderness” have a life-giving effect on many people.

What places is it intended for?

This device is useful for public restrooms in non-residential premises: restaurants, offices, cafes, educational institutions. It is capable of processing an area of ​​about ten square meters. For a larger area, it is advisable to purchase another sprayer and install it on the opposite wall.

The Air Wick air freshener will give your room a pleasant aroma with virtually no input from you. There is no need to even check the consumption of the substance in the cylinder. When the liquid runs out, the device itself will signal this by flashing a red light. The process of changing the spray bottle is also very simple.

Freshness for cars

The company produces Air Wick, an electric air freshener for cars. The compact design and pleasant color create a comfortable atmosphere in the cabin. It will be convenient to secure the device using a clothespin-shaped fastener. Small replaceable blocks and the ability to select the time interval between sprays are an additional bonus to automatic operation that does not require the attention of the car owner.

How does an air fragrance work?

The design and principle of operation of an air fragrance

The principle of their operation is as follows. A high-frequency alternating electric current is applied to a piezoelectric element (ultrasonic membrane) immersed in water, which causes mechanical vibration of the element.

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Where to buy and what to watch out for

If you keep pets in your apartment, then you simply need an Air Wick air freshener. The price of the device is very reasonable, considering that in the future you will only have to buy replacement cylinders. The cost varies in different stores, but usually does not exceed 300 rubles. It is better to purchase a sprayer in online stores. It will be cheaper this way and there will be more choice.

In search of the most beautiful aroma, be attentive to your health. Pregnant women, parents of small children and people with allergies should be careful. For those who are planning to purchase an Air Wick air freshener, the instructions for the sprayer will be very useful. The device is very easy to use, but it is better to learn the rules for its use before purchasing.

Rules of application

The instructions describe in detail the equipment and device, as well as programming features. Existing operating modes and methods for setting time intervals are explained. The prescription specifies the mechanism for replacing the cylinder and other features. It is strictly prohibited to use sprayers from other companies, as well as counterfeits. The instructions focus users' attention on safety rules when coming into contact with chemicals and aerosols.

The Air Wick FreshMatic air freshener has a thoughtful design down to the last detail. It is created for the comfort and convenience of different people:

  • entrepreneurs owning retail and office premises,
  • pet owners,
  • residents of houses with improperly designed ventilation,
  • for all lovers of a fresh aroma in the apartment.

The main thing is energy

You must remember to periodically replace the batteries. It is better to install powerful power sources, then the sprayer can be used longer. If the device suddenly turns off, the batteries may have expired.

The chemical compounds contained in the nebulizer may adversely affect the health of pregnant women and young children. People prone to allergic reactions should also use Air Wick air freshener with caution. Reviews from men and women who use this device are mostly positive.

Why does AirWick sometimes not work?

It turned out that the bottom battery does not fit tightly to the contacts, because of this, the voltage from the battery dances, that is, it is either not there or not enough. With such poor contact, the device will not work or will work incorrectly, spontaneously triggering ahead of time.

It turned out that the thick sides between the positive contact of the battery and the contact of the battery compartment were to blame. These sides need to be mechanically cut off and made thinner. After this procedure, there will always be contact. I bought two of these air fresheners and both have the same problem.

This problem does not occur with all types of batteries or accumulators, but only with some whose case is slightly thicker than a standard battery. To be more precise, on some batteries the positive contact does not protrude enough beyond the body of the battery itself, that is, it is too short. And the problem is only a distance of 0.5 mm. After the above procedure, the problem will disappear and you can use any type of battery or rechargeable battery.

Advantages and disadvantages

Numerous clients of the company note:

  • compact design,
  • ease of use,
  • long-term operation without damage,
  • variety and originality of aromas.

The only drawback of the device is the noise during operation. The substance is sprayed with a characteristic sound. It is quite loud and can frighten a sleeping baby or pet. If you activate the intensive mode, the device will turn on frequently, which will distract guests or prevent employees from concentrating.

Air Wick air freshener is one of the best sellers in Russia. This is the best option for home and office.

Air Wick Air Freshener

The automatic air freshener from Air Wick has gained great popularity in the market of professional products and home air fresheners. It has many advantages over its competitors. The device is equipped with a convenient control system, simple design, and has a large selection of flavors to suit every taste.

An air freshener is designed to eliminate unpleasant odors and aromas. It helps create a unique aroma in the room, which will create atmosphere and comfort. A huge selection of aromas (from all kinds of floral to the subtle aroma of silk, sweet figs and blackberries) will not leave anyone indifferent. The automatic air freshener Air Wick can be used in any room of a living space, in a country house, in a cafe, in a hotel.

Criterias of choice

When choosing an automatic dispenser, the following are taken into account:

  • area of ​​the serviced premises. Determined by the number of sprays before replacing the cartridge;
  • manufacturer . The criterion becomes a guarantor of the quality and reliability of the device;
  • assortment of scents. Allows a variety of scents;
  • functional. A larger number of settings makes it possible to obtain optimal freshness in the room;
  • design. Selected based on the interior of the room;
  • price.

Automatic air freshener Air Wick: instructions

  1. Preparation of the plastic case. After purchasing the device, remove it from the original packaging. To open the air freshener, you need to empty the dispenser. This can be done by pulling the button on the top of the block towards you. Before installing batteries, turn off the regulator by selecting the appropriate position. After this, you can insert the batteries, observing the polarity conditions.
  2. Installation of a aroma bottle. After preparing the body, you should begin installing the cylinder. Before placing it, check the location of the switch (red). It must be in the raised position. After this, you can put a bottle with aroma (note that the sprayer should be turned towards the room, and not in the opposite direction).
  3. Program installation. Close the dispenser temporarily and do not point it towards your face. On the back of the device's plastic housing, select the desired spray level. After completing the procedure, the first spray should occur within 15 seconds.
  4. Checking the operation of the device in case of failure. If spraying does not occur within the specified period, then make sure that you did everything correctly. To do this, turn off the device again, then make sure that the batteries are installed correctly (check their polarity and tightness), as well as that the dispenser is facing appropriately.

After starting the device, a red signal may light up. This sign means that the device does not recognize the installed cylinder as original.

The automatic air freshener must be set at the required level to prevent the aerosol from getting into your eyes. For this reason, it is not recommended to locate the device below 2 meters from the floor.

An automatic air freshener (the instructions for which are presented above) may sometimes have a red signal. After a long period of use, it will mean that the aroma cylinder is running out and must be replaced.

Setting up the device

Once the replacement cylinder is installed, the dispenser lid can be closed. The device should be placed on a flat surface and not pointed at your face. After this, you can set the required time interval between sprays. It can be low - up to 9 minutes, medium - up to 18 minutes, high - up to 36 minutes.

After turning on, the device will begin to spray after 15 minutes in automatic mode. Where is the best place to install a dispenser? The air freshener can be placed anywhere. But it is best to place it at a height of two meters from the floor surface.

What are the possible intervals between sprays?

The device has three spray options:

  1. Indicated by a small flower - the interval between operations will be 32 minutes.
  2. Indicated by the middle flower - the interval between work will be 28 minutes.
  3. Indicated by a large flower - the interval between operations will be 10 minutes.

Despite the frequency of spraying, the device is used quite economically. One 250 ml bottle of fragrance is enough for 2450 sprays, which is approximately one and a half months of continuous use with a maximum spray interval.

How to choose and install the air freshener correctly?

To correctly select a suitable air freshener and its aroma, it is worth considering some rules:

  1. The choice of fragrance should be made depending on the room where it will be sprayed. For example, airy, sea and pine scents are perfect for toilet rooms, floral and cotton scents for the hall and corridor, and choose citrus or sweet scents for the kitchen. They will create a great mood and increase your appetite.
  2. The spray interval should depend on the size of the room. For a small bathroom, a minimum 30-minute interval is suitable; for a large hall or the lobby of a small hotel, you will have to set the maximum spray interval.
  3. When using the device in a large room, it is recommended to use several air fresheners at once. The smell will be distributed more evenly if two sets are installed opposite each other.
  4. It is most convenient to place the cylinder on the top shelf of a cabinet or cabinet. If there is no space for the device, then it can be hung on the wall. For this purpose, there are holes on the back wall of the air freshener.

Possible harm and advice on selection and use

It is impossible to say categorically about the benefits or harms of air fresheners. Naturally, formulations with synthetic components are more dangerous to health than natural ones:

  • Common aerosol devices are harmful to both humans and the environment. This is especially true for components such as sodium benzoate and sodium nitrite. Exceeding their daily dose provokes the growth of cancerous tumors and causes toxic damage to the liver and kidneys, intensifies allergic reactions;
  • Gel cartridges are less dangerous. However, due to rich (one might even say aggressive) artificial aromas, allergic reactions may occur in residents.

Fresheners using natural oils cause the least harm. If you choose the right composition, the oils will deodorize the air, eliminate harmful bacteria (pine oils), and improve your mood (citrus compositions).

To make the right choice, you need to pay attention not only to the characteristics of the products

It is also important to take into account the area of ​​the room and the composition of the family. For spacious rooms, devices that constantly scent the air are suitable.

If the family is small, then you can get by with an aerosol can. If there are many tenants and someone is constantly in the apartment, then it would be reasonable to install automatic devices or regular means (essential sticks, gel pillows)

For spacious rooms, devices that constantly scent the air are suitable. If the family is small, then you can get by with an aerosol can. If there are many residents and someone is constantly in the apartment, then it would be reasonable to install automatic devices or regular means (essential sticks, gel pillows).

A wide range of models allows you to choose a completely safe air freshener or install a device with a variety of functions. Modern appliances not only refresh the air, but also “clean” it in an original way. And some fragrances have bodies of such beautiful shapes and shades that they completely decorate the interior of the toilet room.

Comparison with competitors

The AirWick air freshener stands out in the market. It has a large selection of models (from candles and crystals to automatic options), and among the assortment of various scents, anyone can choose a freshener to suit their taste.

Few manufacturing companies can compete with this air freshener. The lines of the Chirton and AmbiPur brands are more modest, and the choice of fragrances is smaller. On the same level as AirWick is another popular air freshener - Glade. The brand has long been a leader in the market. Its range and selection of fragrances is no less extensive than that of Ervik.

Popular manufacturers

Currently, the most common automatic air fresheners on the domestic market are AiRWick and Glade. The price for them is approximately the same, the resource of one cylinder is designed for up to 50 days, or about 2 months.

The AiRWick and Glade tend to have nice, streamlined designs. The kit includes two batteries and one replacement cylinder. Batteries run out faster and, accordingly, will have to be changed more often than an aerosol.

Structurally, the AiRWick and Glade systems are almost the same: their functionality depends on the model. They have the same price category. Their main difference (except for the shape of the containers) is the line of fragrances, which does not overlap. Therefore, when choosing, you should focus on your favorite palette of scents. The AiRWick cylinder can be installed in both brands of housings. Glade aerosols can only be used with native automation: a competitor’s atomizer recognizes the can as foreign and does not start the timer.

In addition to the two undisputed market leaders, you can find automatic air fresheners Discover, Ambi Pur, Ballu, Meria on sale. Their prices, design, functionality and fragrance lines may also differ.

Most modern air fresheners do not have significant differences, except for the aromatic composition. Therefore, when choosing a device, it is better to focus on the smell that you like. And operating the device will be equally easy and simple, regardless of the manufacturer.

The cost of a device for refreshing a room

The price of the Air Wick kit varies depending on the store and the scent chosen. A complete set, including a plastic container, a cylinder and batteries, can be purchased for 450-500 rubles. You don't have to buy this kit on a regular basis.

After the aroma has run out, you can buy a new air freshener (automatic). A replacement 250 ml aroma bottle can be purchased for 250-400 rubles. Stores often hold promotions. In this case, there is a chance to purchase several Ervik bottles at a minimal price. An automatic air freshener will freshen the air in your room for a long time at a reasonable price.

The Air Wick air freshener receives mostly positive reviews. Buyers are satisfied with the versatility of the product. Many note the ease of use of the product and the ability to hang it on the wall. Often buyers highlight certain scents in the line.

Negative reviews often include dissatisfaction with the fact that the device’s body is not suitable for other similar products.

Principle of operation

If a regular air freshener is an aerosol can with a button, then an automatic air freshener is a mechanism with a timer into which you can set an aerosol.

The design of an automatic air freshener is quite simple. This is a plastic dispenser housing equipped with a device that operates the valve. Essentially, the mechanism consists of a mini-electric motor and a gearbox, which together allow pressing on the sprayer. The timer on the back panel of the device allows you to set the spray mode every 5, 10, 30 or 9, 18, 36 minutes or turn off the device by turning the slider to the appropriate position. Each time the freshener will spray the same amount of product, the intensity of the aroma is regulated only by a temporary period. A replaceable cylinder with a valve from the same manufacturer is installed inside the air freshener. The device runs on mains power or alkaline batteries.

Once installed, the device can maintain a pleasant aroma for several weeks. The operating time depends on the life of the can and batteries, as well as the set interval.

Some budget models may be equipped with an indicator that flashes from time to time. This consumes a little power, but allows you to control the operation of the device. There may also be a forced spray button on the body.

Modern air fresheners have other functions. For example, some models are equipped with a motion sensor and are triggered when a person appears in the room. Some series of air fresheners are equipped with a display and can function as a clock, and also allow you to program the spray intensity by hour, day and week.

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